We know that many of you are very worried about the Coronavirus (nCoV) that began in Wuhan, China. Its origins have been linked to illegally traded wildlife at the city’s seafood market, which sells live animals including bats, rabbits and marmots. However, the exact source of the outbreak has not been identified. New cases both in China and around the world have been escalating daily. The WHO has declared a state of global health emergency and the virus is making major headline news daily. The number of cases worldwide has overtaken that of the similar SARS epidemic, which spread to more than two dozen countries in 2003. However, the mortality rate of this new virus is much lower, suggesting it is not as deadly. So far it is holding around 2%, mostly killing people with some pre-existing chronic disease causing weakness of their immune system.  Viruses have the ability to mutate and the more it is able to spread around the world the better opportunity it has to perhaps become more deadly and that of course is a major concern. China and the rest of the world are trying their best to contain this new virus but in this age of airline travel that has not been an easy task and the virus has already reached many other countries. We could say “the cat is already out of the bag.” So how can homeopathy help in this situation and any other scary situations that could happen in the future?


Homeopathy won its laurels in the acute epidemic diseases of the past and there’s no reason to doubt that it won’t be of assistance in this latest health crisis.There’s plenty of information on this web site about homeopathy’s performance in the various influenza epidemics that have happened over the past two hundred years and we also had some success with saving lives when Ebola was at its worst in West Africa.


Right now we are actively trying to seek out people that have been confirmed sick with this Coronavirus. We want to elicit from them or their relatives/ caregivers/ medical personnel their symptoms. We need to know in a lot of detail as to how this disease is manifesting in the general population. We already know from the media that fever followed by a dry cough seem to be the major symptoms. In susceptible people, often the elderly and those with pre – existing medical conditions, it can lead later on to respiratory distress and even death. When we have more in depth knowledge from a homeopathic perspective (approx 10-20 cases) we will be in a much better place to direct you to the best remedies to help facilitate a quicker recovery or at least to lessen the severity of the illness. We will also be able to direct you to a remedy that may be the best one to use as a prophylaxis, one that can be taken if you are worried that you may have been exposed to the infection but aren’t currently experiencing any symptoms. If you know of anyone sick with this virus please contact us as soon as possible and please watch this web site as we will update it on a regular basis as and when we have more information to pass on.


So, many of you are currently asking , “ well, exactly what can I be doing right now ? “ As with any exposure to illness we want a strong, healthy immune system. Ensure you maintain a healthy diet, reduce the sugar and choose fresh meat, fish, fruits and veggies instead of convenience, processed, packet meals. Make sure that you have plenty of fresh air and exercise, plenty of restful sleep, endeavor to minimize the stress in your life and try not to become too anxious. Clean your hands with soap and water often, avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu like symptoms and thoroughly cook meat and eggs.


Working knowledge of homeopathy can be a great help. It can help to reduce our anxiety, it will give you the tools to take charge and help yourself and your family when acute diseases strike and when conventional medicine doesn’t always have the answer. Read carefully the remedy section on this site, become familiar with the remedy pictures. It’s highly likely that one or two remedies on this site will be the major ones to help with this new health crises.


We have already heard from other homeopathic colleagues. Many of the homeopathic doctors in India are talking about the remedy Arsenicum Album, you can read about it on our site. It is a well known remedy and is one that presents with great anxiety. Dana Ullman, well known in homeopathic circles, has been in contact with homeopaths in China and in his recent newsletter he has referred to three remedies commonly used for influenza like symptoms. Gelsemium is for fever and great fatigue. Bryonia is particularly well known for fever and dryness of symptoms including the dry cough that is being reported by the media. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a great flu remedy when there is fever and a lot of pain in the joints.


We really want to make our own assessment but in the meantime we suggest that you become very familiar with the remedies listed above by reading more about them on our remedies page. Homeopathy treats the individual and that’s the best way to find the most helpful remedy when you are sick, matching the totality of your symptoms with the most likely remedy picture. Please do remember that in any illness symptoms may also change and so a different remedy picture may emerge. Don’t forget to check out our flu kit as it happens to include all the remedies listed above and in three different potencies. We will add to this kit if we see other remedy pictures emerging that aren’t already covered in this very comprehensive kit. We developed this kit to help during an epidemic crisis when the conventional medical system may collapse and you are left to care for yourself and your family. It’s always been our aim to educate the public and to give them the means to help themselves if such a situation ever arose.


It’s worth bearing in mind that the worst problems occur when people get a viral infection and then use fever reducing drugs such as aspirin and acetaminophen. Fever is an important defense of the body, suppressing fever is dangerous. A well selected remedy based upon the totality of the presenting symptoms can help bring the body into balance and heal in a natural way.


We suggest that you keep an eye on our classes page , this will be updated soon and some classes will be offered by our group of homeopaths helping with this health emergency.