Homeopathy Works In Epidemic Diseases

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It is important to understand that homeopaths never make any claims to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Homeopathic remedies do not cure or treat flu, ebola, COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the infectious agent. But once you get sick, homeopathic treatment aids the body’s Vital Force in recognizing the disease and handling it more efficiently, thereby reducing the duration and intensity of the disease. See the Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann for an in-depth explanation of this concept.

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Sally Tamplin teaches Pandemic Preparedness Online Classes every week on Zoom. All classes are taught on a voluntary basis and are free of charge in this escalating global health emergency. Click on the button above to book the class.


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FluSolution Flu kit
(Series 005-a) contains 50 vials of Homeopathic remedies most likely to be helpful for people with flu-like conditions. Click on the button above for more information.


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What Our Class Students say?

“I cannot recommend these classes enough.The amount of information and education given for such a small price is astounding. I have learned so much and am so thankful for the amazing opportunity to learn right from the comfort of my own home. After every class I feel confident that I would be able to help myself or one of my loved ones successfully if needed. It also helps to alleviate some of the fear and uncertainty that this pandemic is causing all of us to have. I feel more at peace knowing that Homeopathy can and has the ability of helping in this serious health emergency and with past illness in history. The classes always start on time and Sally takes the time to take a break half way through and after the class to answer questions. Valuable information with minimal cost.”
Angela Pugh Florida – March 28 2020
“I recently took a class taught by Sally. She is a wonderful teacher, who has the ability to make the material understandable and engaging. The class was full of information and presented in an easily digestible way. You can really see her passion and knowledge come through when she is teaching. I can not wait to attend more classes and hope she continues to teach many more classes.”
-Dixie L. Ruttenbur, CVT Florida
“Sally, thank you so much for all you’ve been doing to educate as many people as you can about flu pandemics and the Covid – 19 virus in particular.Your classes are most in -depth and the material you provide is invaluable. Thank you for helping us to protect our loved ones and anyone who seeks help! I highly recommended your classes because the more people learn about the virtues of Homeopathy , the more lives will be saved!”
-Elena Alejandre – March 28, 2020
“Sally Tamplin’s homeopathy for the flu class is simply AMAZING! It’s clear, organized, educational and gives excellent tools for health in this flu and virus epidemic. Personally, it is just what I needed. It helped me start to get a few concepts of how to use homeopathy for illness in order to help my children and family. I have been trying to use homeopathy with colds and flu but those times have been the hardest times to pick the right remedy. Now, I feel much more confident and secure knowing better how to pick the right remedy for this flu/virus epidemic and future challenges. Quite frankly homeopathy can be miraculous and this class will allow us to experience its miracles more. Fear is in the air but now I have more peace of mind, a healing force in and of itself.Thank you for your generous, invaluable service to our community with this affordable class!”
-Carolyn Nash, Florida
“I took my first ever class on Homeopathy with Sally Tamplin and learned more than I could have imagined. Sally is extremely clear and organized , and her class on lung pathology provided me with a wealth of information and a sense of calm I have not felt since the COVID-19 crisis. I am grateful to Sally for her generosity of spirit, her deep knowledge and expertise in the field of homeopathy, and her exquisitely curated flu kit. Thank you, Sally!”
-Miranda NYC