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Homeopathy helps people get over many acute conditions, including respiratory illnesses like flus, colds and COVID-19.  A correct homeopathic remedy causes a quick shift in Vital Force and the person starts improving  within several hours.  A wrong remedy does not cause any harm or improvement. If the treatment does not work, the case is retaken and a different remedy is prescribed, hopefully the right one, causing the right shift.  The prescription has to be individualized to the case, regardless of the conventional diagnosis. In most cases homeopathy enables the Vital Force to prevent progression of the disease and the need for hospitalization.  The remedies are very inexpensive, available at Whole Foods and other outlets, and many homeopaths give them out at no charge. 


It is important to understand that homeopaths never make any claims to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Homeopathic remedies do not cure or treat flu, ebola, COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the infectious agent. But once you get sick, homeopathic treatment aids the body’s Vital Force in recognizing the disease and handling it more efficiently, thereby reducing the duration and intensity of the disease. 

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We know that many of you are very worried about the Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) that began in Wuhan, China. Its origins have been linked to illegally traded wildlife at the city’s seafood market, which sells live animals including bats, rabbits and marmots. However, the exact source of the outbreak has not been identified. New cases both in China and around the world have been escalating daily. The WHO has declared a state of global health emergency and the virus is making major headline news daily. The number of cases worldwide has overtaken that of the similar SARS epidemic, which spread to more than two dozen countries in 2003. However, the mortality rate of this new virus is much lower, suggesting it is not as deadly. So far it is holding around 2%, mostly killing people with some pre-existing chronic disease causing weakness of their immune system.  Viruses have the ability to mutate and the more it is able to spread around the world the better opportunity it has to perhaps become more deadly and that of course is a major concern. China and the rest of the world are trying their best to contain this new virus but in this age of airline travel that has not been an easy task and the virus has already reached many other countries. We could say “the cat is already out of the bag.” So how can homeopathy help in this situation and any other scary situations that could happen in the future?

Homeopathy won its laurels in the acute epidemic diseases of the past and there’s no reason to doubt that it won’t be of assistance in this latest health crisis.There’s plenty of information on this web site about homeopathy’s performance in the various influenza epidemics that have happened over the past two hundred years and we also had some success with saving lives when Ebola was at its worst in West Africa.

Right now we are actively trying to seek out people that have been confirmed sick with this Coronavirus. We want to elicit from them or their relatives/ caregivers/ medical personnel their symptoms. We need to know in a lot of detail as to how this disease is manifesting in the general population. We already know from the media that fever followed by a dry cough seem to be the major symptoms. In susceptible people, often the elderly and those with pre – existing medical conditions, it can lead later on to respiratory distress and even death. When we have more in depth knowledge from a homeopathic perspective (approx 10-20 cases) we will be in a much better place to direct you to the best remedies to help facilitate a quicker recovery or at least to lessen the severity of the illness. We will also be able to direct you to a remedy that may be the best one to use as a prophylaxis, one that can be taken if you are worried that you may have been exposed to the infection but aren’t currently experiencing any symptoms. If you know of anyone sick with this virus please contact us as soon as possible and please watch this web site as we will update it on a regular basis as and when we have more information to pass on.

So, many of you are currently asking , “ well, exactly what can I be doing right now ? “ As with any exposure to illness we want a strong, healthy immune system. Ensure you maintain a healthy diet, reduce the sugar and choose fresh meat, fish, fruits and veggies instead of convenience, processed, packet meals. Make sure that you have plenty of fresh air and exercise, plenty of restful sleep, endeavor to minimize the stress in your life and try not to become too anxious. Clean your hands with soap and water often, avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu like symptoms and thoroughly cook meat and eggs.

Working knowledge of homeopathy can be a great help. It can help to reduce our anxiety, it will give you the tools to take charge and help yourself and your family when acute diseases strike and when conventional medicine doesn’t always have the answer. Read carefully the remedy section on this site, become familiar with the remedy pictures. It’s highly likely that one or two remedies on this site will be the major ones to help with this new health crises.

We have already heard from other homeopathic colleagues. Many of the homeopathic doctors in India are talking about the remedy Arsenicum Album, you can read about it on our site. It is a well known remedy and is one that presents with great anxiety. Dana Ullman, well known in homeopathic circles, has been in contact with homeopaths in China and in his recent newsletter he has referred to three remedies commonly used for influenza like symptoms. Gelsemium is for fever and great fatigue. Bryonia is particularly well known for fever and dryness of symptoms including the dry cough that is being reported by the media. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a great flu remedy when there is fever and a lot of pain in the joints.

We really want to make our own assessment but in the meantime we suggest that you become very familiar with the remedies listed above by reading more about them on our remedies page. Homeopathy treats the individual and that’s the best way to find the most helpful remedy when you are sick, matching the totality of your symptoms with the most likely remedy picture. Please do remember that in any illness symptoms may also change and so a different remedy picture may emerge. Don’t forget to check out our flu kit as it happens to include all the remedies listed above and in three different potencies. We will add to this kit if we see other remedy pictures emerging that aren’t already covered in this very comprehensive kit. We developed this kit to help during an epidemic crisis when the conventional medical system may collapse and you are left to care for yourself and your family. It’s always been our aim to educate the public and to give them the means to help themselves if such a situation ever arose.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the worst problems occur when people get a viral infection and then use fever reducing drugs such as aspirin and acetaminophen. Fever is an important defense of the body, suppressing fever is dangerous. A well selected remedy based upon the totality of the presenting symptoms can help bring the body into balance and heal in a natural way.

We suggest that you keep an eye on our classes page , this will be updated soon and some classes will be offered by our group of homeopaths helping with this health emergency.

by Sally Tamplin:

Feb 21

The WHO have announced today, February 21st, that they are concerned about the number of cases showing up in other countries when there is no clear travel link to China or to other confirmed cases. The window of opportunity to contain the new virus appears to be narrowing.

With over 75,000 confirmed cases reported in China and 2,239 deaths in the country to date the movement of the 1.4 billion people living in China has been severely restricted. News reel shows that the streets of Bejjing are mostly empty, the lockdown being stricter in Hubei province where this malady all started. There are compulsory quarantine periods, people are currently working from home and life is anything but normal. We are being bombarded daily with Covid 19 news updates and globally the world is fearful.

China seems to be overwhelmed and it’s become a growing catastrophe on many levels. Long lines of fearful people wait to be evaluated, the hospitals are crowded and there are shortages of testing kits, medical equipment and supplies. Sick people are being turned away and told to stay home and fend for themselves.

So how is this affecting all of us in the rest of the world ?

Well, we certainly can’t predict the future but globally there is much concern especially if this new virus should take hold in third world countries such as parts of Africa where the medical infrastructure is much weaker and just isn’t equipped to deal with a lot of very sick people requiring hospitalization and lung support with a ventilator.

Outside of China there are 1.152 cases confirmed in 26 countries. There are already a few cases in America and the public health community is doing its very best to contain the spread with enforced quarantine. We know many of our readers are worried.

However, we do need to get things into perspective, the seasonal influenza that comes around every day also kills thousands of people around the world. This new corona virus seems to take its toll amongst the elderly and those who are already dealing with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease and those with compromised immune systems.

Smoking and living in a highly polluted area can make individuals far more susceptible to a fatal outcome from this new virus because it targets the lungs. Many men in China smoke and the air quality is notoriously poor in many of the Chinese Cities. There are an estimated 1.1 million deaths attributed to air pollution in China.

The virus targets ACE 2 ( Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) this makes proteins in the alveoli of the lungs and this is why people are ultimately dying from Covid 19. They experience acute respiratory distress. Smoking increases ACE 2 and the higher the levels of ACE 2 , whether from smoking or genetically expressing, the more susceptible an individual will be to Covid 19.

We really want people to understand how homeopathic medicine can help and we want our readers to please help us to spread the word. Firstly, it helps to dispel fear because with knowledge you can take charge of your own health and that of your loved ones even in a crisis where medical help may not be available and you do find yourself on your own.

Homeopaths don’t need to make a diagnosis. If you get sick the remedies can be used straight away. You don’t need to know if you have Covid 19, the flu or something else. Your symptoms are sign posts to a remedy that if well-chosen will help to begin the healing process. Homeopathic remedies do not treat the disease whatever that might be, the remedies treat you as the individual. They help to mobilize your own innate healing abilities and speak directly to your immune system. Our bodies are really clever. They do know how to heal. It’s just sometimes we get stuck and a well-chosen remedy can help to shift that stuckness and to begin the healing process.

Homeopathic remedies have always produced good results in the epidemic diseases of the past particularly in the 1918 Spanish Influenza that proved to be so fatal around the world.

We are still seeking contact with sick people who have been tested for Covid 19 so that we can try and find the most helpful remedies so please let us know ASAP if you can help to facilitate that.

Please know that there are many remedies on this web site that already address the symptoms that the media are currently reporting from fever to fatigue and dry cough to others who experience symptoms such as headache, nausea, and diarrhea. Take the time right now to prepare yourself, consider purchasing our flu kit or remedies from your local supplier and think about taking a class that we are offering on our web site.

If you are extremely worried, despite reading more about homeopathy on this web site, then consider using some Bach essences. Mimulus for known fears, Crab Apple for fear of contamination and White Chestnut if you have continual worrying thoughts making falling asleep difficult. Two drops of each essence in a little water a few times a day every day should help you to calm down and get things into perspective. When we are fearful we become so much more susceptible to any infection. Many stores such as WholeFoods carry these essences or look online at Amazon or www.

All of us need to continually work personally upon developing and maintaining a good immune system that will help us to cope with whatever life throws at us. This really means eating right, exercising, stopping smoking and managing the stress in our everyday lives. Below is a helpful check list for you to consider to help yourself and your family to get into good shape and in a better position to stay healthy, and in the event of infection to heal quickly.

Some of the check list listed below covers things that we can be doing to help particularly when we are faced with RNA viruses such as the flu and Covid 19.

Alkalize your body; viruses thrive in an acidic environment. Reduce intake of acidifying foods such as sugar and refined carbs. This will help your body’s PH and keep your system primed for viral attack. High levels of minerals are required to raise your body’s alkalinity so consider researching mineral supplementation for yourself.

In particular consider supplementing with zinc because it is a negatively charged mineral that can inhibit viral replication. 20 – 50 mg daily.

Avoid wheat and corn due to pesticide residue, mold and fungus. Your body won’t do as well if it is fighting many different battles internally.

Avoid sugar: this can suppress immune function for six hours after ingestion. Also avoid alcohol.

Eat omega 3 fats from fish; wild caught fish are a good source of quality fats that help strengthen cell membrane integrity. RNA viruses can move more easily into cells with poor membrane integrity.

Eat pasture raised eggs, animal proteins and fats as quality fats are needed for strong cellular membranes. RNA viruses can more easily get inside an unhealthy cell.

Eat lots of greens and probiotic fermented foods.

Seek out the following mushrooms: Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail these help by boosting the immune system.

Manuka honey is well known as a potent antiviral.

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system response. It stimulates the production and function of white blood cells which help fight infection. Take as much as you can to bowel tolerance. Diarrhea is the signal that you are taking too much and it’s time for you to back off.

Try and reduce EMF exposure because in susceptible people these can have an adverse effect upon health and wellbeing.

Wash your hands well with soap and water for at least twenty seconds and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Stay home if you are able to in the event that you have a large number of flu cases in your area or if Covid 19 becomes a problem in your local area.

Stay home when you are sick to properly rest, recover and to avoid close contact with others. This prevents passing on a nasty infection to others in your workplace and locality. Stock up on homeopathic remedies so that you can use remedies to aid your own recovery and that of your loved ones.

There is a lot more information on our flu web site so please take time to become familiar with homeopathy, it’s philosophy and it’s application. Keep a regular eye on our website as we will update it when we have more information regarding the most useful remedies for Covid 19.

The above article was put together using some information broadcast by the BBC and some information taken from the informative  website:

03-05-20, by Sally Tamplin

The world is on high alert for this novel new virus spreading more easily than seasonal influenza and causing severe respiratory symptoms for the elderly and the immune compromised. As of today, March 05, the death toll is 11 in the USA and globally there are more than 92,000 cases of Covid – 19 in more than 60 countries. More than 80,000 of those cases are in China, where the virus began. More than 3,000 people have died globally, with the vast majority in China.  A number of prisoners have been released in Iran and the schools closed. Italy has recently followed suit and shut schools and colleges. News bulletins constantly remind us that the world is mobilizing to take drastic social and economic measures regarding containment and community spread.

We have learnt that this virus can remain on a smooth surface for 3 days or longer, on clothing for 6 – 12 hours and on your hands for up to 10 minutes. Frequent thorough hand washing is essential and please stay home if you become sick, you should not be out in the public or at work sneezing and coughing.

We want to assure our web site visitors that we are doing our very best to keep the web site updated. Presently we are working upon revising our existing influenza kit and bringing it up to date with the remedies that we believe to be important for this new health emergency. We are waiting for supplies to make new remedy kits and we are adding more classes every week to educate the anxious public. Passing along homeopathic knowledge and its successful application in previous epidemic and pandemic disease is our goal. We want to help people and dispel fear because we trust the efficacy of our remedies to do good work. When a remedy is well chosen and fits the totality of an individual’s presenting symptoms change for the better happens. We have personally witnessed our remedies saving lives in the Ebola crisis of 2014/15 in West Africa.

It’s important to become familiar with the main remedy pictures featured on our web site, please spend time and get to know them like an old friend! Don’t wait to be diagnosed with an acute infection whether that is Covid – 19 or the flu, as soon as you feel that you are becoming ill start to consider your symptoms and search for a remedy that matches your totality. Remedies don’t actually heal you, it’s your own body’s innate ability to mobilize in a crisis and do the work that’s needed to bring you into balance and to prompt your own immune system to wake up and take care of things. A well-selected remedy will initiate the appropriate immune response and aid in your recovery.

In this new health emergency please don’t be complacent. Start to look after yourself, humanity has no immunity to this new virus and if you are not in the best of health then right now is the time to take this opportunity to start making some life changes. Better choices regarding your diet, fresh unprocessed food, fruit and veggies, more exercise, fresh air, adequate sleep and reducing stress in your life are essential to good health. They are common sense and if you look after yourself you will be so much better equipped to deal with any situation that life throws at you. In an earlier post we brought your attention to supplements such as Zinc, Vit C and Vit D and Selenium they can help to reduce viral replication. If you have a lot of mucus cut out dairy and gluten. Banish sugar from your house and your life! If you are consumed with anxiety take a look at the Bach flower essences Mimulus, Crab Apple and White Chestnut. Fear makes us all so much more susceptible.

So what’s new to report? We still have not determined the genus epidemicus, the key remedy or remedies that will help the majority of people, and can be used as a prophylaxis. There has of course been much speculation in the homeopathic community and remedies such as Gelsemium, Bryonia, Camphora, Arsenicum and Eupatorium Perfoliatum have all been discussed. We continue to search for cases and are hopeful that some will come forward soon as the virus has now made its way to the USA. Please let us know if you can help us in that search. From what we have gleaned so far, mainly from what the media and medical institutions have published, this new virus seems to start with a fever, followed by a dry cough and after a week, it leads to shortness of breath and some people need hospital treatment and possibly breathing support. The virus doesn’t seem to cause too much concern for 80% of the population but for the other 20% of those particularly susceptible it may present as a major health crisis possibly leading to organ failure and death.

Presently we believe that we are searching for two main remedy groups for this possible pandemic. Initially remedies to deal with the onset and early days of the infection. This is where we really need to be successful at mobilizing the immune system to take care of things and to PREVENT the virus receptors from taking hold deep within the lungs and causing at a later date the very debilitating symptoms of full blown viral pneumonia better known as ADRS. This is where both lungs fill up with fluid and the air sacs are destroyed. On a CT scan the lungs may have ground glass opacity. It is so much more difficult to address a case where severe lung pathology presents. Our goal is to work hard to nip this possible pandemic in the bud when it first strikes.  We have about a week to do this. Covid – 19 viral pneumonia is a serious situation and it’s likely most people will be in a hospital assuming that there are sufficient hospital beds and equipment to deal with an escalating situation.

In our early days of putting together and planning for a pandemic we extensively researched the 1918 Spanish Influenza. This was also a new virus and the average age of death was 28. We have developed a homeopathic kit of excellent with potencies of the main influenza remedies ranging from 30c through 200c to 1M.  We have done this in case the medical system does indeed collapse and people are left on their own at home to care for themselves and their family. To that end we have currently carefully researched a number of remedies for severe lung pathology and we are in the process of adding these to our updated kit. Soon we will be adding the description of these remedies to our web site they will include Ammonium Carb, Kali carb, Lycopodium, Squilla and Veratrum Viride.

Monday March 16th, Sally Tamplin’s update

Today the numbers of Coronavirus infections outside China are more than 87,000 whilst case numbers in China stand at 80,860. In this escalating situation, unprecedented since the Second World War years, we witness a world in turmoil. The Covid – 19 virus has shut down travel, schools, shops, restaurants and sports. People are starting to panic; this is an unfamiliar new reality for most of us. Many are asking us, “How can homeopathy help?”

We have been busy talking with leading homeopaths all over the world, our teachers and mentors, highly respected and experienced practitioners, homeopathic doctors from Israel and Africa to India, Australia and Europe. We have tapped into as many resources as we can.  We are leaving no stone unturned. Our community is watching and helping those who ask us for remedies. We are discussing remedies that seem to be the most helpful.

Here at we are doing our very best to prepare updated flu kits to reflect the remedies that are being discussed right now in our worldwide homeopathic community. We believe that education is the key, we are here to share with you the very best of our knowledge, constantly updating and providing you with new information as it comes to us, all is openly shared on this site. This is a voluntary project offered to a concerned public by our caring community. Dr. Jacob Mirman has reached out to The Minnesota Department of Health offering the assistance and support of our homeopathic community. As of today, there have been no response.

Please consider taking a class taught by zoom or returning to take more classes.  Frankly, one can never have enough knowledge. PLEASE get to know our remedies like an old friend; they may possibly save your life one day. We are offering classes every week, in a pandemic situation a number of remedies usually come to the fore then we must all learn to look at the individual who is sick and match their symptoms with one of these remedies. Several different remedies may be required to bring about resolution. However, to help yourself and your loved ones in your own home you really do need education.

We have worked on this project since 2005 always knowing that at some time the world would face a pandemic disease. Such a crises could bring down the existing medical system and people may find themselves alone with a very sick loved one to care for. That time may be drawing close. Good working knowledge of homeopathic remedies can help to dispel FEAR; we are here to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to help others. Please tell your friends and family and work colleagues about our web site and our classes.

“ So, what’s new this week?” As a worldwide community the following remedies have been discussed: Aconite for the very first stage of feeling sick. It is associated with great fear and sudden onset of symptoms. We have also discussed the remedies Mercurius, Phosphorous, Phosphoric Acid and Antimonium Tart. We have previously mentioned Bryonia, Gelsemium, Eupatorium Perfoliatum and Arsenicum Album they continue to be remedies to keep an eye on. Our colleague from India Dr. Rajan Sankaran has drawn our attention to the remedy Camphora. This remedy came to light during his work with a homeopathic doctor seeing cases in Iran. We have always had this remedy in our flu kits as a 30c. Dr. Sankaran has been using this remedy in the higher potencies of 1M and 10M. Web site visitors can read about this remedy and most of the others mentioned on our flu remedies page. This remedy is particularly well known for laborious, asthmatic breathing, accumulation of phlegm in the air tubes, pneumonia or bronchitis. The skin is dry and feels very cold to touch, yet the patient can’t bear to be covered up. There is profound prostration and collapse.

Do remember it is extremely important to match the totality of symptoms experienced by the sick individual with the picture of the remedy. Swift, beneficial change is observed if the remedy is similar. Since we are all different and we are working with the sick individual and not the dis – ease there is not going to be one single remedy that will work for everyone in this pandemic. Please come to come to a class to learn more!

I began this post mentioning FEAR; I will end with a little story that brings fear into perspective. Of course we all have to be extremely cautious, wash hands, stay at home if we are sick, but engaging with the global fear can leave us vulnerable and much more susceptible to infection. A young mother called me a few days ago; she had participated in one of my recent classes and had purchased a flu kit last year. She was still breastfeeding her toddler. She was concerned about her little boy, normally healthy and robust, he had developed sudden diarrhea and vomiting. I began to ask her more details about the nature of his symptoms. Then I asked the mother how she was doing emotionally. She confessed that she had become extremely worried about the growing pandemic and the continuous media coverage. She had thoroughly cleaned her house and was concerned about infection. The mother’s high anxiety, fear of contamination and the little boy’s gastric symptoms immediately led me to the remedy Arsenicum Album. I knew that both mother and son needed the remedy; mother had expressed anxiety on the emotional level, her son had expressed it on the physical level with his vomiting and diarrhea. I brought the remedy to her attention so that she could consider taking a couple of doses. I explained that because she was still breast-feeding him there was no need to give her son the remedy; he would get the benefit through her breast milk. When a remedy is well chosen and fits the symptom picture we can expect to see immediate results and that is what happened. The mother took the Arsenicum Album and all the vomiting and diarrhea stopped. Please be reminded that our remedies, if well chosen, can help in this growing crisis.  Do spread the word!

Dr. Manish Bhatia is keeping an eye on developments and reports of homeopaths around the world.  Read his account here.