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This site was originally created to educate consumers about Homeopathy as it pertains to influenza, a.k.a. ‘flu’. This includes seasonal flu, “swine” or H1N1 flu, avian flu, and other flus that may arise in the future.

Homeopathy has been used with great degree of success in influenza and other epidemics for 200 years all over the world. In the 1918 flu pandemic homeopaths reported around 1% mortality in their cases, while conventional doctors were losing 30% of their patients.

Homeopathy has a proven track record of treating and preventing serious epidemic diseases. It has been used by governments for treatment and prevention of dengue fever, leptospirosis, malaria, Japanese encephalitis and meningitis.  Historically, it was used successfully in treatment of serious contagious diseases, including tuberculosis, diphtheria, typhus, etc.  Homeopathy gained a lot of its popularity in the 19th century following demonstration of its effectiveness in cholera epidemics.


Brief discussion of the use of homeopathy in epidemics,
including ebola, with Sally Tamplin and Jacob Mirman, MD


Everything explained below applies to Covid 19, ebola, influenza and most other epidemic disease

Homeopaths believe that if your body is generally healthy, you have a much higher chance of success in fighting any disease, including flu.  Therefore, we feel that everybody should get homeopathic treatment before they become seriously ill with an acute disease.  On one hand, it will help you deal with all the chronic symptoms you may be suffering with now, and on the other, it will make your body stronger and more able to fight off whatever acute infection may come along, including the flu.  The authors of the site, as well as many others in Minnesota Homeopathic Association and around the world are practicing homeopaths and will be happy to help you in this respect.  For a primer on Classical Homeopathy read Dr. Jacob Mirman’s on-line book here: www.BookOnHealing.com.

Once you do get sick, homeopathic treatment is very effective in improving your body’s ability to fight off the infection, thereby reducing duration and intensity of the disease. It is important to understand that homeopathic remedies do not cure any disease. They just improve your body’s ability to do it naturally on its own.

What are the conventional medicine approaches to flu?

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The best way to avoid the flu is preventative treatment. This means personal hygiene to prevent infection during outbreaks, and immunization before the outbreak to teach the body to process the virus effectively once you become infected.  Then, once one becomes sick, its mostly symptomatic relief with drugs.  If complications arise, such as pneumonia, supportive care is given to help the body survive the infection while the immune system is fighting it.  We can also use antibiotics to kill bacterial infections superimposed on top of the flu virus, such as bacterial pneumonias.   We don’t have anything in conventional medicine to stimulate the immune system itself to more effective action.

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Immunization may provide effective protection, if a good vaccine is made early in the epidemic. However, even though the vaccine is definitely recommended by most conventional experts, some experts are not particularly sure if vaccinating people with weak immune system for influenza does much good, and healthy people usually do well anyway. Some novel virus pandemics, however, may present a different challenge. To our understanding, most studies showing reduction of mortality from the use of influenza vaccine have design flaws. We are looking for good double-blind placebo-controlled studies that prove vaccine’s effectiveness. We have not found any so far. If you know of any, please send them our way. In any case, this site is not about vaccines, so we don’t hold a particular opinion on this controversy.

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Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the infectious agent. They just modify our body’s response to it. Again, let’s make it very clear: homeopathy does not specifically treat flu, ebola, or any other infectious disease.  It aids the body’s own defense mechanism in recognizing the disease and handling it more efficiently.  Homeopaths never make any claims of cure of diseases.  Yet, people treated homeopathically historically have much better chance of overcoming their infections.  Homeopathy must be used in addition to, never instead of, the common conventional methods, like IV hydration, antibiotics, and whatever else is known to work.  Homeopaths are also very much in favor of effective prevention methods, including proper hygiene, safe and effective vaccines if any are available, universal precautions when handling infectious materials and patients, etc. 

In the end, homeopathy may end up being the most reliable method of saving lives in a bad epidemic. It has happened before, and it may happen again. We owe it to ourselves to be ready. And being ready is not hard. It requires a bit of education, a simple inexpensive remedy kit and access to a homeopath. The individual remedies are cheap and easily available in local stores and online. The advantage of having a kit at home is immediate readiness when you or your family member gets sick.

What you will find on this website?

1. Articles

In the articles section we posted several articles about the use of Homeopathy in influenza. Some of these are double blind placebo controlled studies from peer-reviewed medical journals, the kind that doctors like to read. Some give you basic understanding about the use of Homeopathy, and one article is a report from 1921 issue of a homeopathic journal on the use of Homeopathy in the 1918 flu pandemic.

2. Flu Remedies

In the remedies section you will find a list of remedies useful for people suffering with flu-, covid- or cold-like symptoms, with their homeopathic indications. This is a very abbreviated list, as many other remedies could be needed. However, these are the most commonly used remedies in such cases. These remedies were chosen in consultation with a group of homeopaths and several homeopathic books. This group of remedies should cover 80 to 90% of flu cases, and can be quite useful, if used properly, in getting your body strengthened to fight the flu.

The remedies mentioned are available for sale in all homeopathic pharmacies. They are inexpensive and classified as over-the-counter FDA approved drugs. We put the most likely ones together in a multi-potency kit.

We also offer a Flu Remedies kit at a reasonable cost. This updated FLU KIT, series 005-a, contains 50 vials of the remedies most likely to be needed in people suffering with flu-, covid- or cold-like symptoms. For more information, click here

Before using homeopathic remedies or the flu kit offered on this educational site please make sure that you understand all of the material offered on this web site and ensure that you have contact with your local professional homeopath and MD. When you are faced with a potentially serious health situation you must refer treatment to a qualified specialist.

If you would like to purchase a flu kit please contact Jacob Mirman MD at jmirman@demystify.com or Sally Tamplin at sally.tamplin@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, treat or mitigate disease or provide a beneficial effect on health.  Users interested in relying on homeopathy for any health issues should consult their primary health care provider and a professional homeopath, as well as the references listed throughout this website to ensure a complete understanding of the philosophy, protocols, research, science, and clinical work behind homeopathy and its use.”

3. Reading List

We suggest several books for people serious about using Homeopathy to improve their health.

For a primer on Classical Homeopathy read Dr. Jacob Mirman’s on-line book here: www.BookOnHealing.com.

You can buy some recommended books from the Reading List section of the site.

The site will be updated as new information on the epidemic becomes available.