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Ebola a virus just like influenza, its effects are similar to some of the influenza outbreaks, in particular the 1918 pandemic (that flu also caused hemorrhage like ebola in the worst cases), and homeopathy is supremely effective in influenza.  We had no reason to believe it should not be as effective in ebola. The treatment is perfectly safe, very inexpensive and can be adapted to large groups of patients. The life-saving potential of this therapy is tremendous.

As of this writing we actually have some limited experience in treating ebola homeopathically.  We developed a homeopathic ebola kit and sent three kits to Liberia. One of the kits was used, reportedly with fairly dramatic results.  A family of six quarantined in an ebola treatment unit and already in bad shape were treated according to our instructions and all recovered surprising the staff.  The staff then treated other people in the unit and 20 more people reportedly recovered.  The information we have is unfortunately just oral and text messaging reports from the head of the initially treated family and one of the unit nurses.  Our efforts to obtain medical records have been unsuccessful.   

Please sign this petition asking the World Health Organization to consider homeopathy for ebola

The authors of this site, as well as a number of homeopaths working with them, are offering completely free treatment for patients with ebola in Africa.  We will provide our time and remedies at no cost. The consultations will be provided over online methods like skype, facetime or text messaging.  We are not sending homeopaths to ebola outbreak areas at this time to reduce risk.  Long distance prescribing works well in homeopathy.  The doctors and nurses on the ground will receive very simple instructions from us and administer the prescribed remedies, and we will be always available to guide treatment.  Contact us for more information. 

Our initial ebola kit contained fourteen homeopathic remedies carefully researched and chosen in collaboration with our colleague Dr.Bill Gray: Gelsemium, Belladonna, Arsenicum Album, Baptisia, Mercurius Solubilis, Nux Vomica, Veratrum Album, China , Ipecacuanha, Phosphorus, Pyrogenium, Bothrops, Crotalus Horridus and Carbo Vegetabilis. We included these remedies in three potencies: 30C, 200C, 1M. In addition, we included the CM potency for Carbo Veg.  Eventually it became clear that three remedies matched the disease symptoms best, depending on the stage: Mercurius, Belladonna and China.  These are the remedies that were used in the treatment unit and reportedly saved lives.  Read the article by Sally Tamplin about our ebola treatment experience:

EBOLA – Homeopathy Saving Lives in Africa

Seaiwon’s Story

Stop ebola red and black

One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night.” Kahlil Gibran 1923


Sally Tamplin DSH PCH MARH


Many years ago Dr. Jacob Mirman and I set about creating an informative web site and a carefully researched homeopathic kit to help our fellow travelers in the event of pandemic influenza. A time that has not yet come, nevertheless we are prepared and have total faith in the fruits of our labors. www.flusolution.net When Ebola reared its ugly head we knew it was time to put our heads together again and work on the solution. Much of this work was published in the spring edition of, ”Homeopathy in Practice.” This article is an update on our work to date. Thankfully Ebola no longer commands headline news across the globe but more than 11,000 people have died of the disease since December 2013, the vast majority of them in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.
Just how do we keep grounded and work in the real world where we can’t always wave a magic wand? There’s not always a magical ending in our world today where there’s intense suffering, darkness, pain and horrible diseases that eat away at the very heart of our humanity. It probably doesn’t get much worse than this terrible, destructive virus called Ebola, named after the river valley in Africa where it first reared its head. The disease has isolated people and in their time of greatest need the victims find them selves very much alone writhing in pain in their own bodily filth, those who attend them wear protective suits and human contact is shunned. Is this the new leprosy?


The good news is that Jacob and I, Heidi Martin and Dr. Bill Gray along with our homeopathic community have found that magic wand, it’s the wand of Asclepius, a god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology and representing the healing aspect of the medical arts. This wand rightfully belongs to all of us who are walking this homeopathic journey. It has become our signature and defines who we are. Two snakes intertwined facing each other and carried by the winged messenger Hermes or Mercury, he who travels the chasm between the living and the dead. Those suffering in the last throws of Ebola are often called, “the living dead.” It probably won’t surprise many of you reading this article that the main remedy shining its beneficial light over those in their time of greatest need is Merc Sol. Mercurius is so well known to all of us as being the main remedy of our syphilitic miasm.


Sunday June 14th was a special one for our homeopathic family. I had the great privilege of meeting Pastor Seaiwon Aaron Dickson; he gave me a big hug and thanked me for saving his own life and that of his wife Dr. Flinhway Dickson and their five children.

We had lunch in the beautiful Walnut room at Macy ‘s flagship store in the heart of downtown Chicago. This restaurant looks as if it hasn’t changed much since it opened its doors in 1907. I took some time to reflect upon the homeopathic community from that era when our system of medicine was so prominent in the state of Illinois and I cast a thought for those who have inspired us all so much, doctors such as James Tyler Kent and his colleagues who possibly dined within its elegant walls.

One of my homeopathic clients from Chicago had suggested to me that this would be a good venue to finally close the circle with Seaiwon Aaron Dickson .The Bach Flower Essence Walnut is all about staying on one’s path, never allowing others to deter you and keeping going even when the road is tough and riddled with hurdles, the flower offers protection and helps us to take the next step.

Dr. Jacob Mirman, Boston based homeopath, Heidi Martin, and I never gave up in our efforts to bring homeopathic remedies to West Africa. We did the research, produced the Ebola Homeopathy Kit of 14 remedies in ascending potencies * and worked tirelessly to get the remedies into Liberia accompanied by carefully written instructions for medical staff to follow. There was so much red tape, so many dead ends, frustration and too many fruitless efforts to foster viable contacts .We constantly battled with the logistics of good communication. Then there was the considerable expense, but still we soldiered on. We eventually found a friend in Pastor Seaiwon Aaron Dickson, someone of considerable standing in his community and someone who was willing to trust our homeopathic remedies.


So that we could move forward I taught a number of homeopathy classes in Chicago to help raise the funding for our project, my son James generously made a large contribution, and Jacob and I were given a lot of financial help from our community of homeopaths in Minnesota. John Morgan from Helios sent us some remedies that were needed to complete our Ebola Kits. The culmination of this enormous effort was a man, whom I had never met before, asking me to pass on his heartfelt thanks to all in our homeopathic community who helped in one way or another to get the remedies into Liberia and for those who prayed for his recovery in the hour of his greatest need.

We talked about his ordeal and how he never gave up hope. As serendipity would have it the time when Seaiwon really needed homeopathy was the day in January when I sent him a text message, I had not heard from him for some time, I was asking how things were going with getting the Ebola Kits distributed and his talks with the Liberian Government on our behalf. He happened to have his cell phone with him as he lay dying in an Ebola treatment unit. He sent me a text message describing how he was bleeding from all orifaces and was in the last stages of the disease. I told him to hang on and immediately Jacob Mirman, Bill Gray and I put our heads together and based upon Bill Gray’s success with Merc Sol in Sierra Leone and the totality of Seaiwon’s symptoms I advised him to take Merc Sol beginning with 30c and repeated hourly. I posted an urgent message on our Minnesota Homeopathic Association yahoo group asking our community to pray for Seaiwon and his family and to focus on the remedy Merc Sol . Many homeopaths wrote back reporting that they had opened their Materia Medicas at Merc Sol and were meditating on the remedy and sending healing thoughts to Liberia.


Later the nurse who was caring for him was advised by Heidi Martin to give Belladonna as his fever rose and he became delirious and in the latter part of his healing we advised him to take China, this helped to restore Seaiwon’s weak, emaciated body.


At lunch, in Chicago, Seaiwon recalled how his extended family camped outside the Ebola treatment unit and took it in turns to don protective suits and go in and clean him up, how his wife’s medical colleagues never gave up on her, they could not afford to lose another Liberian medical doctor, and how in awe they all were when they witnessed the miracle of homeopathy. Seaiwon emphasized that those who could rise above the disease, those who could see themselves in the time to come, happy and healthy and back with their families, had the greatest chance of overcoming the virus. In his treatment ward Seaiwon was the one who urged his companions to drink and eat and not to give in.

Seaiwon spoke fondly of his nurse, Mary, who risked her medical license to administer the homeopathic remedies and who followed his instructions to carefully document everything even if he had failed to pull through. Once Mary and her colleagues had witnessed the miracle of Merc Sol and Belladonna they began to use the remedies on Seaiwon’s family and others in the treatment unit. Seaiwon estimated that homeopathy had a 90% success rate in the treatment unit where the remedies were used.


Mary wrote this text message in Jan 2015:

“We scrub in PPE every 8 hours and enter in the isolation to see patients. Just got out of the isolation to see patients. Just got out from isolation ward and Aaron is much stable. I have removed the restraining cord from him and have served remedy as per instructions. Lets keep praying as the remedy is taking effect.”      


In a later text ——- “His God he serves is powerful as we gave out on him and were preparing to write out our report on his expiration but out of the blue sky came this miracle. We have seen and dealt with Ebola cases but this one (recovery) is shocking.”

That same nurse has been working in Guinea where there are still cases of Ebola and she was recently diagnosed with the disease herself. The first thing she asked for was a homeopathic remedy kit. A kit was rushed to the Liberian – Guinea border with an escort to ensure its safe passage. Seaiwon planned to travel to Guinea to be by her side and ensure she received homeopathic treatment. We are hoping that she will recover and will pass on all of her notes that carefully documented the use of all our remedies. If this document can be recovered we would like to present our case to WHO.

At lunch Seaiwon was quick to acknowledge that his survival and that of his family and others in his Ebola treatment unit was a testament to the effectiveness of our homeopathic Materia Medica. Presently we understand that the three main remedies being used were Merc Sol, Bell and China.
He has far reaching plans for the future, his life is based upon service and he and his wife are presently building a clinic and a school, his wife wants to offer an integrative medical practice and can see how homeopathy will become a big part of that vision. They will welcome the homeopathic community to come and visit to help teach them how to use the remedies effectively. Jeremy Sherr has already offered his Homeopathy for Health in Africa Course Material.

It’s clear that our persistence has helped to lay the foundation for homeopathy in Liberia. We all live in challenging times; particularly those walking this homeopathic journey, we all want to see our Materia Medica in the limelight where it rightfully belongs. Creating and sustaining our Ebola Project has not been easy but Seaiwon’s message is clear, those who hang onto hope and can see and project to a brighter time to come will succeed. I learnt a powerful lesson, “never give up!”

Seaiwon Dickson has lived a rich and fascinating life. He told me about the long list of places he has worked in the world – Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Ethiopia, Iraq and Haiti .We both shared a special connection with Haiti, I spent four mission trips with Homeopaths Without Borders in Haiti after my son, James, survived the earthquake. Seaiwon was in one of the first aid groups to reach the stricken island; he stayed for six months and made another trip at a later date.

Seaiwon talked of his work with the UN, USAID and his present job with eHealth Africa. He is a sought after speaker. I believe in time he will become a wonderful ambassador for homeopathy, saving this man’s life and his family will ensure that the flame will continue to burn brightly in our homeopathic family.

I doubt if we have heard the last about this terrible disease, it has raised its head again in Liberia. We will continue the work. I assured Seaiwon we would be there in the time to come when our remedies may again be of great service.


Bill’s Story

Bill Gray MD is Founder and Chairman of Coherence Apps LLC .It turns out that the energetic signal in homeopathic remedies can be extracted via a device consisting of a simple coil connected to an amplifier and digitizer, and the resulting signal can be stored on a computer as a .wav file or a MP3 file. This technique was developed originally in the 1990s by Jacques Benveniste, a French researcher doing immunology research. He demonstrated this in repeated laboratory experiments. Of course, homeopathic principles require choosing the correct remedy in a given sudden onset situation, so Coherence Apps LLC has taken the next step and designed eRemedy selection based on homeopathic principles.

Sympsohn Yajoh, an entrepreneur in Freetown who came forward on Facebook, spearheads the Ebola effort in Sierra Leone. He diligently worked to get government permission to enter treatment centers using PPEs donated by California investors, but the bureaucracy was impenetrable. Informally, he was able to treat three Ebola cases, two in serious condition just like Seaiwon and on the verge of death and one a health worker who made a gloving mistake with his PPE. All three were symptom free within four hours after receiving 6 to 8 plays of homeopathic Merc sol made into MP3 files and played on a cellphone for ten seconds.

These cases resulted in active efforts to build the first homeopathic hospital in Sierra Leone. The structure was constructed but the roof blew off in a severe storm. So now the team is slowly and painstakingly reconstructing the roof in cement. As we write, there is a resurgence of Ebola in Guinea, which has rapidly spread to northern Sierra Leone. Sympsohn is now on the UNICEF and WHO panels with flying teams to handle Ebola, so there may well be more opportunities to use eRemedies to treat some cases.

Helping to move homeopathy forward in Africa


If you can help to support Bill Gray in this venture I am sure that he would love to hear from you. As a global community we need to stand together so our light continues to shine on. Bill can be reached at response.emergencydr.org@gmail.com


If you are interested in becoming personally involved with helping to further develop homeopathy in Liberia please contact Sally sally.tamplin@gmail.com     www.flusolution.net


If you are interested in supporting our good friend and teacher Jeremy Sherr and his remarkable work in Africa please take a look at www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org
* The Ebola Kits that we sent to Liberia were as follows:

Gelsemium, Belladonna, Arsenicum Album, Baptisia, Merc Sol, Nux Vomica, Veratrum Album, China , Ipecac, Phos, Pyrogen, Bothrops, Crot H and Carbo Veg.

Each remedy was sent in 30c, 200c and 1 M liquid potencies. In addition, we included the CM potency for Carbo Veg

Sally with Seaiwon

Sally with Pastor Seaiwon Aaron Dickson at the Walnut Room in Chicago