Class Presenters

Class Teacher 1

Bette Jo Arnett

A classical homeopath, retired holistic dental hygienist

Bette Jo is a classical homeopath, retired holistic dental hygienist and the author of “Holistic Dentistry: Balancing Conventional Dental Care with Ancient Wisdom.” She is a graduate of the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, (1998) University of Minnesota, and has a master’s in liberal studies and holds a certificate of Healing Practices and Integrative Therapies from the Center for Spirituality and Healing. (2010) Her additional training is in Electro Dermal Screening, Reiki II, Soul Recovery, Isahya meditation and Pranic Healing. Bette Jo was an educator in dental hygiene for a decade and worked in a holistic dental office for 17 years. She offers holistic dental health consultations, as well as homeopathic care for acute and chronic conditions to help clients in overcoming the obstacles in the way for balanced health and improving their immune systems.

Her training in electrodermal screening assists her selection of homeopathic remedies and is helpful in testing for food and dental materials compatibility. Bette Jo sees clients of all ages along with pets, domestic and exotic.

Class Teacher 2

Su Sandon

RPh, Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH), RSHom (NA), HMC, C.HP

Su Sandon has been assisting people with their healthcare and wellbeing for over 35 years. She has been practicing as a registered pharmacist since 1980 and as a classical homeopath since 2005.
Su’s practice is wide and varied. She works with clients of all ages from conception to birth, infants to teens and young adults to the elderly.

Su received her training in Classical Homeopathy from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is certified in classical homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CCH) and a member of the Registered Society of Homeopaths of North America (RSHom, NA). Additionally, she has obtained the credential of Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) from the Luminos Homeopathic Courses in Vancouver, British Columbia; and is certified in Homeoprophylaxis (C.HP) by Free & Healthy Children International. Su supports the advancement and integrity of the profession as a past faculty member at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and ongoing student mentor. Su is also a licensed registered pharmacist (RPh). The partnership of homeopathy and pharmacy provides Su with a multifaceted approach to health and healing.

Jackie Krammer, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Certified Classical Homeopath

Jackie’s passion is providing homeopathic care that is personal and professional. As a new mother, her daughter had one ear infection after another. After several trips to the pediatrician where antibiotics were prescribed, she began looking for safe, healthy alternatives to this and other common childhood ailments. She decided homeopathy would be a good solution for her family. This has proven to be true and years later she can’t imagine raising children or teenagers without it.

This led Jackie to professional training at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy (2002). She completed advanced training at the Dynamis School (2008) and regularly participates in continuing education with expert practitioners. Teaching experience includes guest instructor at the nursing and health sciences programs of University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, Northwestern Health Sciences University and Normandale Community College and faculty supervisor of student clinicians at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy.

Jackie began private practice in South Minneapolis in 2002 and works with clients of all ages including babies and young children. Additionally, she supervises families who choose to use Homeoprophylaxis as an alternative to vaccination. Jackie is a member of North American Society of Homeopaths, National Center of Homeopathy, and Minnesota Homeopathic Association.

For more information or to schedule an appointment visit her website:

Stasia Johnson Steinhagen

Stasia Johnson Steinhagen, MA, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath, Coach, and Holistic Health Educator

Stasia is a certified classical homeopath, herbalist, coach and educator. Stasia became interested in homeopathy after remedies helped her family (and family dog) “disappear” acute illnesses, calm anxiety, and behavior troubles. She decided to study homeopathy when her 3-day feverish, could-hardly-move dog (after a $500 overnight visit to the ER resulting in a “I dunno” from the kind vet) started prancing around 20 minutes after giving homoepathic Rhus Tox 30c. Stasia completed her 4 ½-year professional training from Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy while pursuing her Masters of Holistic Health Studies from St. Kate’s. Before delving into holistic healthcare, Stasia had a career as a professional coach (CCLP). Stasia has since returned to her alma maters to teach holistic health, research and homeopathic courses. Her practice specializes in caring for clients with complex cases, gifted and special needs, and everyday folks and families using homeopathy, herbs, coaching, education and health care navigation. Stasia can be reached at, MN Center for Homeopathy, or LinkedIn.

MN Center for Homeopathy, 7104 West Lake Street, St. Louis Park, 55426
Schedule a time to inquire or book your appointment online here or call Stasia directly at (612) 250-1432


Usha Valappil MPH,BS,BHMS,CMA

Homeopathic Practitioner

Usha Valappil is a Homeopathic Practitioner who has been practicing for the past twenty years. Ms. Valappil received her Homeopathic training from India and also in the US. She utilizes Homeopathic knowledge and experience along with her Masters in Public Health degree from the University of Montana in both clinical and public health settings.

Kathryn Berg

Kathryn Z Berg, MA, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath Certified CEASE Therapist

Kathryn Z Berg has been practicing homeopathy for twenty years and in love with it for even longer. Kathryn graduated from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy (NAH) and has also taken many continuing education classes from well known and respected homeopaths, including but not limited to Jeremy Sherr, Louis Klein and Rajan Sankaran. She has also been a supervisor for students at NAH.

Prior to attending NAH, Kathryn graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris and has a graduate degree in Communication and Training from Purdue University, so teaching homeopathy courses is second nature for her. She is the owner of Lotus Homeopathy, Inc. in Woodbury, MN, where she lives with her husband. Together they have two adult sons, and enjoy traveling during their spare time. Once CoVid is over, she will rejoin the community choir in which she sings Second Soprano.

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“He is likewise a sustainer of health if he knows the things that disturb health, that engender and maintain disease, and is aware of how to remove them from healthy people.”
–Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Beheshteh Zargaran

Beheshteh Zargaran, DVM, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath & Certified CEASE Therapist

Beheshteh Zargaran is a certified classical homeopath. She started learning and
practicing homeopathy in her home country, Iran, in 1998. After moving to the
United States, she attended North Western Academy of Homeopathy and has been
practicing homeopathy in the US since 2007.

Besides her private practice, Beheshteh is a Clinical instructor, and Student mentor
at North Western Academy of Homeopathy.

She works with children and adults with a variety of healthcare concerns. Being a
witness of the process that leads her patients to the harmony and balance on
physical, mental, and emotional levels is the best part of her career.