Reading List

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Mirman, Jacob I, MD:
Demystifying Homeopathy, a Concise Guide to Homeopathic Medicine
New Hope Publishers, New Hope, MN, ISBN 0-9651950-2-3
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This is a very basic, brief and to the point review of Homeopathy: its history, philosophy, practice, pharmacy, research, etc.  It will take you about an hour to read and will likely answer most questions you might have about Homeopathy.  Definitely start here.

Panos, Maesimund B., M.D. and Heimlich, Jane:
Homeopathic Medicine at Home
J.P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, ISBN 0-87477-195-1
This book is for those who would like to dabble in homeopathy a bit. It will give you the guidelines for prescribing for acute conditions, like injuries, flues, earaches, etc. This book is well written and easy to understand. We recommend this book for the self-prescriber.  You need to study it well before attempting treating yourself or anybody else, and never use this information for treating chronic conditions.
Read a review and buy the book here.

Perko, Sandra, PhD:
The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza (New 2005 Bird Flu Edition!) 
This book gives a lot of information about Homeopathy and flu.  It gives good history.  I feel the Materia Medica (list of remedies with their indications) is too extensive for a lay prescriber, but can be useful for a professional homeopath.
Read a review and buy the book here.

Nauman, Eileen, DHM, DIHOM:
Homeopathy for Epidemics; Homeopathy in Times of Crisis

Neustaedter, Randall, OMD, CA:
Flu; Alternative Treatments and Prevention

Kolata, Gina:
Flu.  The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the search for the Virus That Caused It.
Simon and Schuster, New York, NY.  ISBN 0-7432-0398-4
Gina Kolata is a science reporter for The New York Times.  The book “unravels the mystery of this lethal virus with the high drama of a great adventure story”.  Unfortunately, Homeopathy is not mentioned in the book, and it does not sound like Gina knows anything about it.  We sent her a letter with this info, but she has not responded.

Vithoulkas, George:
The Science of Homeopathy
Grove Press, Inc., New York, NY, ISBN 0-394-17560-3
As the title implies, we are getting more serious here. This is a definitive work on homeopathic philosophy and practice.

 Hahnemann, Samuel: The Organon of Medicine (click here for a PDF file)
J.P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, ISBN 0-87477-223-0, or any other edition.
This is the source. This is where it starts and this is where we always come back to when in doubt. This is the homeopath’s bible. It is not to be read lightly, but studied, preferably under direction of a good teacher.